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Impact Bag

There is only one moment of truth: IMPACT, and only one device that can most easily teach it… THE IMPACT BAG. It is found on more ranges than any other training aid.

Plane Sight Laser

Superior quality laser turns on with a twist. Work on plane using provided target strip. Screws into the end of the club without damaging it. Easy to transfer from club to club.

Power Fan

Longer Drives and Lower Scores come from one’s ability to create more clubhead speed. This is a form of resistance training made possible by the fan blades attempting to hold back your effort. Used by Long Drive Champions

Gary Wiren’s The Key

The key is like magic, because it trains the right hand to stay dorsi-flexed until IMPACT, allowing the left wrist to stay flat…a most desirable position.

Tic-Tac Wrist

Stop the left wrist breakdown coming from the right hand “flip.” This simple device gives you an auditory “click” sound plus a kinesthetic feel when you allow the right hand to pass the left. Also, fun to use.

SwingSPEED Radar with Tempo

The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer is a microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that provides the swing speed and tempo rhythm for golfers of all ages and skill levels


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Teaches the player to attain consistent maximum speed and power at impact. The player will learn automatically by swinging. A ring will snap when a desired speed is attained.

The Radius

A simple, inexpensive and extremely effective aid to create a wide consistent swing radius that improves a players putting, chipping and full swing strokes. The player can feel the bottow of the swing arc.

Putting Arc MSIII

Putting track for use at the course or at home that helps build a natural arc putting stroke. Features non-skid discs and low profile to fits almost any putter.

Pocket Golf Pro

Record personalized tips from your pro. Press the large easy access buttons to record/play tips for full swing, pitching, chipping, sand and putting. Use also to record your own practice thoughts

Orange Whip Trainer

Combines a counter-weight system with a flexible shaft to promote a rhythmic swing that focuses on stretching and strengthening the player’s core.

Grip Wrap – by Gary Wiren

Prevents regripping and provides a secure attachment to the club. Simple, inexpensive, but very effective if you are letting go with your last three fingers of your left hand… a common error.


Teaches players to have a descending blow and provides a great visual for divot path and entry point.

Bee Line

A very simple device to check your AIM, THE CLUBFACE, AND STROKE PATH…all very essential to becoming a consistent putter. Can be used on any green

When Golf is a Ball

“An absolute delight to read.” Won best golf book of the year. You will get EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT from reading this book.

Figure 8 Strap

Slip your arms into a looped stretchable strap that will keep your elbows focused inward, like Ben Hogan and Tom Watson, aiding both release and accuracy.

The Foot Wedge

Helpful in reducing swaying and maintaining a steady swing center. Sets the body position perfectly under the back foot for a chip shot. Can also be used to stop the sway by moving it to the outside of the target foot

Assist Trainer

A unique design of this club creates an automatic release to cure the slice. Builds strength due to its weight and has a formed grip to teach the proper grip.


Fits on the end of your grip to give you absolute kinesthetic feedback if you flip the wrists through the ball. You’ll stop hitting skulled and fat shots after practicing with Chip and Pitch.

Swing Gyde

This simple device will ensure you are set properly at the top of the swing and enable you to maintain a better swing arc and swing plane

Face Aimer

Attaches magnetically to the face of an iron to indicate the alignment of the face. Especially useful for interpreting side hill lies…visually very effective is the major training aids site for the company Golf Around the World. Golf Around the World has served the golf industry for over 25 years and is the company with the most expertise in the field.
You may contact them at, 561-848-8896 or1-800-FOR GARY