“Golf is a game and as such is meant to be enjoyed” -Gary Wiren

The Collection

2005-03-02 008The Gary Wiren Golf Collection is certainly one of the finest private collections in the world. It has been featured on ESPN Sports television network; in the national Japanese golf magazine Choice described in the Golf Collector’s Society Bulletin; pictured in the coffee table book ”A Passion for Golf;” and highlighted on in-flight video news with United Air Lines and Singapore Airlines. It has been the subject of speeches to museum and collecting groups in a variety of geographical locations including a six month exhibit at The Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, FL. The collection attracts visitors from around the world.


2004-01-27 001One of the features of the collection is its variety, which includes balls, books, clubs, postcards, first-day covers, tees, magazines, art, catalogs, sheet music, ball molds, advertising, art, silver, statuary, medals, etc. The presentation is unique and offers to even the non-golfer an interesting and memorable experience . Several items are one-of-a-kind, not seen anywhere else in the world.


07silver91Untitled Another strength of the collection is its volume. There are over 1,400 books, 2,800 clubs, 1,600 balls, 5,000 postcards, and hundreds of stamps and tees and magazines to give not only breadth but also depth to the collection. The collection’s additional appeal is the odd, the unusual, the historic, the personal, the unique, that leaves the viewer saying, “That is unbelievable!” It is currently housed in what some have called America’s most fascinating golf room where it has been visited by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, together